Web Services

Dedicated Web Services

Dedicated Server

SNEX provides dedicated server services for the high end user who desires to intensively harness cutting-edge Internet technologies to build powerful, secure and reliable web applications.

Our dedicated server solution is also ideal for businesses which require speedy, cost-effective and high-performance dedicated hosting in Singapore. It is especially suitable for the hosting of websites which are mission critical and require specific forms of server customization.

Virtual Machine

Virtual Machine is the dedicated hosting service which meets the gap between shared hosting and dedicated server. It is a server virtualization technology.

A physical server is divided into several independent virtual servers, with each virtual server (known as VM) being isolated from the other. It is an excellent choice for users looking for flexibility, power and full administrative access at a great price. Our Virtual Machine plans are also suitable for expanding businesses which require expendable, fast, cost-effective and high performance dedicated servers. Virtual Machine is available in Linux or Windows OS platforms. You'll have complete control over your server and will no longer have to share limited resources / bandwidth with other websites.

Premium Hosting

Linux Premium Hosting - The Virtual and Dedicated Server Revolution

The next generation Cloud Hosting for high availability web and email hosting services, powered by SNEX is customer inspired especially targeted for premium clients who require high reliability, cost effective solutions of hosting solutions for their premium operations.