Security & Surveillence


SNEX Marketing & Trading Pte Ltd has a team of in-house professionals that are able to provide top-notch security systems to all our customers. We are licensed by the Singapore Police Force as a Security Service Provider, giving our customers the assurance that their office security will not be compromised.

Door Access Control System

Addressing the multitude of threats to an company's physical and digital assets has become one of the most important challenges facing governments and enterprises today.

We combine our expertise in security, electronics, IT and telecommunications to offer you a wide range of door access control systems.

Access control systems let authorized employees get in and out of various parts of your office while keeping other unathorised people out. Access control systems can range from simple electronic keypad access control system that secure a single door to large networked access control systems for multiple buildings that can include parking barriers, integration with time and attendance systems, multiple levels of access security and time schedules.

SNEX offers reliable electronic pin keypad door access, proximity card access and fingerprint biometric access control solutions.

We have solutions for every door card access control applications, including managing entry and exit activity with our line of card access control panels and monitoring software.

Instrusion Security Alarm System

There is nothing more important than protecting your assets and properties. Our intrusion security alarm systems are designed to keep your properties and office safe & sound the whole year round.

SNEX provide and install Intrusion Security Alarm Systems for offices, schools, retail outlets, factories or homes. Both wired & wireless security alarm systems are available from us.

With our system, your properties are secured once you armed it. Any intrusion attempt or tampering of equipment will trigger an alarm, and the would-be intruder will be deterred by the loud siren and strobe light. The system will call the pre-programmed telephone or handphone numbers to send an alarm notification, thus keeping you informed 24x7 on the status of your property.

CCTV Surveillence

How much is the security of your office or shop (plus other confidential information stored in your office) worth to you?

With an office CCTV system installed outside your commercial premises, it will first act as a deterrent to would-be intruders. In the unfortunate case of an actual break-in, the recorded video footage can be handed over to the police for investigation purpose to apprehend the burglars.

SNEX is the reliable Singapore CCTV system specialist that private commercial users trust to provide reliable enterprise grade CCTV surveillance solutions for 24-hrs surveillance on their office, warehouse, factory or retail outlets, through the Internet if necessary.

Our commercial office DVR system supports CCTV viewing over the Internet on Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone. This is a very unique feature that all DVRs supplied by other vendors cannot support.

Our office CCTV & surveillance solutions are ideal for supervisor and bosses to keep a tab on what is happening in the office, warehouse or factory floor, without the supervisor or boss having to spend too much time walking around.

Are the workers following company safety procedure? In Singapore, company director is responsible if your company is found to have flouted MOM Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) regulation. In an unfortunate case of an industrial accident, the CCTV video footage can also be used as evidence for insurance claim if the video can show that the accident is not due to negligence.

According to the Global Theft Barometer, customer theft accounts for 41% of shrinkage, whilst employee dishonesty accounts for 36% of losses. If you are running a retail outlet, restaurant or a business dealing with cash transactions, do you find that:
- Cashier takings seem to be lesser than what it should be
- Irreconcilable difference in stock and cash from a till
- Unaccounted receipts for refund

Reducing staff theft or pilferage is one easy way to increase your bottom line. The investment of installing a commercial CCTV system at the cashier can be easily recovered within a relative short time by reducing or even preventing staff pilferage.

Our CCTV & surveillance solutions are ideal for solving the mystery of missing cash and items in your office. With SNEX providing for all of your office solutions, you have nothing to worry about.